Our Staff

"Learning is their journey.  Let them navigate.  Push them to explore.  Watch them discover.  Encourage their questions.  Allow them to struggle.  Support their thinking.  LET THEM FLY!"

                                                            - a teacher's mantra to their children

Michael Barnett
Jayna Forgie
Jamie Wallace

     Michael has owned and operated Playland Daycare since 1988.  He raised two wonderful boys in the Sooke community and coached baseball and soccer until his boys were grown.  He now has two wonderful grandaughters.  Owning the daycare is and has been a great experience for Michael with so many of the children he has worked with and helped over the years now bringing their own children to Playland Daycare.  

Over the years, Michael has attended many courses attaining to child development and other needs, including various special needs and behavioral interventions.  He also holds a First Aid and CPR "C" certificate.  In addition to this, Michael has also recieved his level 1 in coaching.  

     Working in the small town of Sooke has been very rewarding for Michael and he looks forward to many more years supporting the community.


     Jayna is our Manager in the Out of School program and Group Daycare Program. Jayna is currently a certified ECE and has her First Aid & CPR "C".  

     As a mother to two, Jayna brings her experience and nurturing personality to the OSC a group daycare environment.  Not only is she dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment to all the children in our care, but she is a great problem-solver.  As the Manager, Jayna has constructed a fantastic line of communication with the families and parents of the children; she is always willing to help in anyway she can. Jayna is heavily involved in community choir, theater and loves the arts!


     Jamie is both office manager and child care provider.  Her role not only involves keeping the day-to-day office transactions current and organized, but is also always available to support the staff when necessary.  Jamie is currently planning to continue her learning by taking a few more courses in early childhood education, with the goal to obtain her ECEA certificate.

    With her experience as both a mother and grandmother, Jamie is a valueable addition to our daycare staff.  Her nurturing, fun-loving and gentle ways provide the children with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to explore their individual personalities.


Erika Willoughby

Linda Schultz

Erika has been with us just over 2 years and works in our Out of School Care program. She is certified in first aid & CPRC and completed her Responsible Adult Course,she keeps up to date on various workshops relating to childcare.

 Erika is a wife and mother of two adult children,a former Scout leader and brings years of life experience. Erika enjoys photography,arts,crafts,music and being outside.  In her spare time she is in the Sooke Hills off roading or hiking with her husband and dog. 

Linda has been at Playland for a while now. She has many years experience working in out of school care programs, and many hours of workshops and certifications. She is first aid certified.

The children love having Linda in our center.

She loves working with and getting to know the children here at Playland, and we are excited to have her as a part of our family. 

Jordan Olson-Lyons

Claire Daklallah

Jordan has been at Playland previously as a one on one support worker and has returned to us in an ECE Assistant capacity working with all the children. She loves working with the children and commits each day to building their self esteem. Jordan brings a natural loving vibe into our program.

In her spare time Jordan loves to surf, play with her dog Honey, and hang out at the beaches.

Claire is our main ECE in our group daycare program. She has recently earned her ECE certificate, and is a great asset to Playland. She has much more schooling behind her as well, and is very excited to be with us. Claire shows love and compassion towards the children, and just loves to teach them new things.

As a mother of 2 boys, Claire brings experience, patience, and fresh new ideas to Playland!

Margo Skakun

Margo works in our out of school care center at Playland. She is first aid certified and has completed other courses related to child care work.

Margo loves to garden and spends alot of time gardening.

We are excited to have Margo as a part of our out of school program!

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