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Our Staff

"Learning is their journey.  Let them navigate.  Push them to explore.  Watch them discover.  Encourage their questions.  Allow them to struggle.  Support their thinking.  LET THEM FLY!"

                                                            - a teacher's mantra to their children

Shalinder Bains,

Sonja Wacker, Group daycare Manager

Tatiana Ellis,
Manager OSC

Jayna Forgie


My name is Shalinder Bains. I am an ECE teacher, a Health Care Aide, and the new owner of Playland Daycare Center. I currently own 2 daycares: Little Cabineers Child Care and Playland Daycare Center.

I have completed my Early Childhood Education Assistant Program from Vancouver Community College in December 2017 and my Early Childhood Education Program from Vancouver Community College in February 2019.

I opened my first daycare of 8 children in Surrey, in August 2019, which I recently closed in February 2021. I also bought a daycare of 28 children in Vernon, in October 2020. Aside from that I have a part time job in a hospital as a Health Care Aide.

I look forward to meeting everyone and I can’t wait to spend time growing and working with you.

Thank you to all the staff, parents, and children of Playland Daycare Center for giving me this opportunity to grow in such an incredible and friendly environment. 


      Jayna is currently a certified ECE and has her First Aid & CPR "C".  

     As a mother to 2 adult children, Jayna brings her experience and nurturing personality to the OSC and group daycare environment.  Not only is she dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment to all the children in our care, but she is a great problem-solver. She is always willing to help in anyway she can. 

Jayna enjoys participating in community theater, and loves her bunny Aksel


Sonja is our group daycare manager. She works as an ECE, has her first aid, and also food safe. She is also a full-time mom of two teen boys who have helped her grow patience and understanding.

As an educator, Sonja believes each child is born with curiosity, an eagerness to learn, question and create, and push the limits of their world to find themselves. She plans to support the Playland Daycare children by providing a safe, loving, and supportive environment that  has everyday  adventures, imaginative circle times, books, fun activities, structure and play.

She believes children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to launch their own learning in an environment that invites them to be themselves.

Tatiana is our OSC Manager. She has learned the skills necessary to run the OSC program! She comes to us with a desire to learn and grow in the child care sector. She is a certified Responsible Adult and first aid certified. As a mother, Tatiana brings with her experience, love, patience and a fresh new outlook! 

Lynn Kearney

Lynn has come to Playland to work in our OSC program! She is a qualified RA, and has her first aid certificate. She is currently taking her ECE course as well! Lynn enjoys working with the children as a one on one support worker, as well with the whole of the group. 

Bailey Leach

Bailey is one of our Out of School Care program workers. She is certified as a Responsible Adult and holds standard first aid and CPR-C. She comes to us with diverse volunteer experiences and is excited to further hone her skills within Playland! She brings humor and compassion to her role and celebrates the uniqueness and capacity in every child. Bailey likes to spend her free time crafting and being out in nature, living by Dr. Suess' mantra "Kid, you'll move mountains!"

Dan Van den Bergh

Dan is one of our Out of School Care program workers. He's a certified RA, and holds Emergency Childcare First Aid and CPR Level B certification.
As a father to a teen and an adult child Dan has experience with children of all ages, as well as a knowledgeable and compassionate understanding for children experiencing mental health and learning disability challenges.  Dan enjoys camping, beaches and the outdoors.  He’s also an avid hockey fan!  Go Leafs Go!

Emily Boesche

Emily is RA certified and loves hanging out with the kids! She enjoys being in the sun, going to the beach, and is very sociable. She is the oldest out of many cousins and siblings therefore has lots of experience with young kids. Emily hopes to build her childcare experience here at Playland daycare.

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